Self inking stamps have a lifetime warranty and can be used for more than just an address on an envelope or invoice.  Anything that is written frequently can be made into a stamp for convenience!  There are many sizes & styles to choose from and they can be fun and functional.  Do you know someone who is a wonderful cook?  Surprise them with a stamp that says “From the kitchen of …” that they can use to personalize their gifts with heart.  How about an avid reader who loves sharing books from his own library but doesn’t always get them returned?  They’d love a stamp that would identify the owner without detracting from the book.  Something as simple as wedding invitations or Christmas cards can take so much time writing the same sentiment over and over.  Why not use a stamp that’s as unique as the message you’re saying?  And because it’s a self inking stamp with a lifetime warranty, the rubber die can be changed at half the price of buying a new stamp so you can update information as many times as you’d like.  Express yourself!