Take an ordinary wooden picture frame, engrave an inspirational quote and you now have a thoughtful, personalized gift.  Or just add a decal to the mat on an existing picture to commemorate the occasion.  Either way, it’s now one of a kind rather than just a department store purchase.  Engraving makes the ordinary extraordinary and with thousands of fonts and graphics to choose from, coming up with just the right thing to make something uniquely yours is rewarding.  Whether it’s to mark a milestone or just to show you care, adding your own touch is a little thing with huge impact.  And if it’s a gift, every time they look at it, they’ll remember you and your thoughtfulness for adding that little ‘extra’.  Glass, acrylic, wood, plastic, metal, and leather can all be engraved.  Just about anything can be personalized by engraving and the result is memorable and personal.


Signs identify.  Whether it’s a door sign, a desk plate, or a name badge on a person they take out the guess work.  From a business perspective, they are a courtesy by identifying the surroundings and helping direct clients where they need to be or to whom they need to see.  They are also a safety factor that lead and protect the public.  Proper interior signage is almost like giving your client their own tour guide showing them the way and making them welcome.  Where would we be without signage?  Possibly ending up at the wrong door or on the wrong floor, heading into a stairwell that locks once the door is closed, going into the wrong bathroom, well…you get the point.